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green_vegan's Journal

Living green and vegan
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I created this community because I got sick of vegans constantly being put down and being told that veganism isn't a natural lifestyle. So here is a community where we vegans can discuss being kind to the earth, all while not exploiting animals/animal resources as a supposed "natural way of living." As we all know, you can't talk about the environment without veganism being involved in some way as animal farming of the past 100 or so years (particularly factory farming) has pretty much destroyed our environment. Here we don't have to listen to milk/meat/wool apologists.

However, while presumably all those who will be involved in the community will be vegan/vegan friendly, sometimes there are different points of view on certain things (like the best way to feed cats - some feed their cats a vegan diet, others don't). Please try to be as respectful as possible.

If you are not vegan (but vegan friendly), I just request that you not post telling us you're not vegan but you buy your milk from happy cows/you get your eggs from people who don't kill male chicks or allow the chickens outside and lead a good life, etc. Just post your question please! No one really wants to hear about it.

Just a few more things to keep in mind:

DO NOT post about illicit activities (illegal drugs, or how to get out of drug tests).

DO NOT delete, screen, or freeze comments. This also goes for deleting a post you've made. If you delete a post you made, you will be banned.

DO NOT post community promotions/advertisements unless pre-approved by the moderators.

DO NOT post diagnosis posts (asking people what you're sick with).

But most of all, have fun!

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