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Living green and vegan
12th-Mar-2010 04:38 pm
Warcraft SoR
Hello everyone!  I am new to the community AND to the vegan way of life.  I pretty much decided last night during another sleepless night to make a change for the better.  I'm ready to get healthy and look and feel great again.  I'm going to be documenting my progress in my LJ so please feel free to add me, as I can use all the support and nudges in the right direction I can get! 

On a side note, does anyone have any suggestions on the best things to plan on preparing as a newcomer to vegan eating?  I am not the most talented cook, though practice will do me some good!  I just don't want to get discouraged by ruining meals from the start!
25th-Mar-2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
Hey there,

I am also new to this site, and while I am not yet entirely vegan (I still use eggs sometimes in baking) I am trying my best to go entirely vegan! I have found quite a few vegan recipes online, which have been fantastic for me, because I do not currently own any type of vegan cookbook. I recently found a great recipe for vegan mac and cheese, and it's actually quite good! I also have a few vegan recipes on my journal, so feel free to stop by and take a look if you're interested.

I know how difficult it can be to make that transitition, but i've found quite a few substitutes for dairy items that have worked really well for me.

I wish you all the best!
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