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Living green and vegan
Mere Speculation? 
10th-Sep-2008 03:09 pm
I've been doing a bit of thinking lately about biology- about the cause of certain medical conditions. I don't have a lot to go on, but a few things have got me thinking.
An ad on TV about some sort of treatment product- I think it was a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis- claimed that it's side effects include Lymphoma, which is a type of cancer.
A person I was talking to about parasites told me that he had a parasite, which was known to cause lactose intolerance.
Links between Mercury and Autism are swept under the rug.
I'm building a picture of the world wherein a group of individuals who hold all the cards have been lying to the rest of us about our bodies.
There are so many chemicals and whatever other things poisoning us on a daily basis. People just wouldn't believe it.
It seems to me that through dehydration, and various other methods including cigarettes, the human body loses it's ability to perceive itself. Once the body is at this stage, it loses it's propensity to react to things introduced into it's environment. Remember when I said that a drug doesn't have a definite effect, but the high people experience is actually the bodies reaction? Well the same principle applies. If the body doesn't react to something, then there wouldn't be any disastrous effects. What effects would still remain? What effects would slide under the radar? If there were no effects at all, there would be no reason to pump us with chemicals, so there must be a certain amount...
I can't help but remember when one person told me that there are so..so many things that cause flu like symptoms..and it got me thinking. What if the flu is not really the flu, but our reaction to various things in our system. It would make sense that they call the fall to winter timeframe 'flu season'. The weather gets colder, and our bodies get just weak enough for things to start effecting us more, and the result is the reactionary symptoms.
The general public seems to think that doctors are there to help us. It's been my experience that they don't do a damn thing. Oh sure they mend broken bones and the like, but when it comes to mysterious symptoms they turn into a bunch of retards who 'just can't figure it out'. It's almost like they are hiding something, or maybe they just don't receive that kind of training when they take their schooling.
A friend of mine said his mother had allergies. She went to a naturopath, and he used some kind of herbal treatment, which cleared up her allergies- completely curing them...Isn't that just fascinating. The medical community would have someone put on pills like antihistamines, which treat the condition but never cure it, raking in tons of money yearly by enslaving people to the false pretense that there is nothing that can be done about their condition.
The medical community is claiming that naturopaths are 'doing more harm than good', and are seeking to outlaw the practice entirely. The canadian government is attempting to ban all forms of alternative medicines such as herbal supplements. How interesting..it appears that somebody feels threatened by these people. Perhaps we should all look into these things more, and gain invaluable information before it too gets swept under the rug.
No this is more than mere speculation. This is the tip of the iceburg, and how big this really is...is yet to be seen.
11th-Sep-2008 04:41 am (UTC)
very interesting insight. i hate getting into the 'conspiracy-theory' type of mindframe, but i often find myself pondering [and into tangents such as these...no insult intended as i honestly think deeply into things such as what you have written here] many a topic of this sort.

i would definitely be intrigued to find out more [supporting] information regarding this topic.
4th-Dec-2008 09:54 am (UTC) - Food For Thought
I realize that you commented a long time ago, and I'm not sure why I didn't reply. I just got a new comment, so I figured I might as well answer this one as well.
Here's some food for thought on the subject.
I've been reading a lot of FDA reports on various food additives and other chemicals or substances. I found a lot of interesting details. Lots of products contain substances which affect like the central nervous system. Other products affect respiration. One chemical I was really interested in affected the carpals, which makes me think of all those people who get carpal tunnel syndrome.
Something you might be very interested in is the use of two chemicals in a very wide variety of skin and hair products used daily by many many people. These two chemicals are called Diethanolomine and Triethanolomine. They inhibit your brain's ability to create something called Choline, which in turn helps your brain to replicate cells. I read an article about it a few years ago on some news website like ABC News- so it was totally official and everything, and then the information just disappeared into thin air like it was never there. I found these chemicals in so so many things, and I just don't use those products anymore, but I can't help but wonder about the other chemicals in the ingredient list. The FDA seems to allow the use of anything that doesn't have any noticeable effects, even if there are actual harmful effects. In other words, if people don't notice, then it's ok. If they start to catch on, then we're going to have to do our jobs.
This causes me to think one step further. I realize that there are so many health effects causing a wide variety of health problems in people, so doctors these days don't get paid to get to the root of the issue. They don't tell you what caused your problem. They just treat the problem, and in doing so they end up causing other problems, and the great cycle of cash going into the pharmaceutical industry puts money right back into the pockets of those doctors.
They don't give a damn about the lower class. We're just test subjects. They don't care about the health effects. They're too interested in gradually working out a way to use chemicals to turn us all into walking and talking automata- people who smile while they're getting F'd by the system.
Ever realize that the people who do the most work in this world get paid the least amount of money?
Ok, I've ranted enough, but there is some food for thought. If you ever want to hear a lot more on this, and other relevant topics, just give me a shout. This is pretty much my life..or what's left of it. If I can do anything to push back against the machine with what time I have on this earth, I will consider my life not lived in vain.
4th-Dec-2008 06:49 pm (UTC) - Re: Food For Thought
I hate hate hate that money and crooked polotics are always a factor in OUR health. ie the approval of aspartame and the denial of stevia. Although, I recently read in prevention mag that stevia will be avail. in stores so I guess the push from demanding consumers may have actually helped...

It wasn't approved because there "wasn't enough research" on it.. umm HELLO it's all natural! Aspartame and splenda etc etc are approved even when the research shows many many things wrong with them.. AND they are created in a lab! Just because these companies have the money and pull to influence those who approve products.. WE have to suffer? It's exactly the same with ever large corp.. drug companies.. and for a long long time, alternative vehicle fuels..

BTW I'm going to "friend" you. Apparently we have the same rant bug lol
5th-Dec-2008 07:54 am (UTC) - Oh :)
I've had it for soo long.
What's Stevia?
5th-Dec-2008 07:27 pm (UTC) - Re: Oh :)
It's a plant that produces a 0 calorie sweetener. There has been controversy back and forth about it.. some of the claims have been disproved but no one wanted to put money into further study.

Stevia on Wiki

I buy it at the local natural health pharmacy- but as far as I know it's not approved by the FDA.
11th-Sep-2008 03:10 pm (UTC)
If you take some health & health care courses (I had one as a Sociology course a few years back) you'll learn even more mysteries & cover-ups that take place in the system.

I don't believe in doctors unless I'm actually broken. For instance, nothing really heals a broken bone more than a cast & surgery, if needed. However, I stopped believing long ago that doctors are there to help. Not that they don't mean well, and not that there aren't some heroic MDs out there, but certainly the plethora of pills & chemicals they push are causing more harm than good. Pharmaceutical companies pay docs with lovely get-aways and incentives that make it hard to refuse prescribing their meds.

I don't ever donate or support research organisations - cancer, AIDS, heart & stroke, lung association, etc - because the money is only funding further tests (on animals) for temporary treatments - not cures.

If all our ailments were cured, far too many corporations would lose far too much money.

So does Canada have a great health care system? I guess that depends on your definition of health.

It's a great topic to look into but it's very disheartening. We expect our country to care about our health, but they would rather make money off our suffering.
4th-Dec-2008 09:57 am (UTC)
I think it was Thomas Edison who said that, (loosely quoted) "Doctors of the future will do less in the way of cures, and more in the way of prevention."
He was talking about the importance of the diet in relation to proper health, I believe. It turns out that he was wrong, though he was correct in his assertion of the importance of preventative medicine.
Please read the above comment. I kind of ranted all that was on the top of my head there, and you'll likely be intrigued by what you read there.
Pls forgive the very late reply. It seems I forgot about this post some time ago.
4th-Dec-2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
Def This! Lots of people look at doctors as all-knowing demigods. Doctors are just people. There is far too much to learn about the human body, medications, interactions, advancements.. they just can't can't can't know it all.

I have almost died twice due to misdiagnosed symptoms.

Prevention is key.. and unfortunately we all need to educate ourselves about these flesh-bags we live in called bodies. As I said in a prev. comment- I could rant about this forever ;)

The world runs on money.. the doctors, drug companies and the food industry.. not only those, but the people who test and approve and push things on the public. I'm not sure how that will ever change...

Thank god for the internet and willingness/ability to self-educate
4th-Dec-2008 02:49 am (UTC)
I'm also very interested in biology, and the backward advancement in drugs and food technology (and the effect it has on the body, genetics and the environment)

Anyway, one scary thing I know is that doctors have less than 2 hours of food nutrition training in college. I could go on about this subject forever...

I really hate the medical community for their willingness to just toss pills down people's throats when all they may need is a change in diet. Most of the time, the pills will call for another pill to counteract the side-effects of the first pill and so on and so on..

I think we have the ability to correct soooo many major illnesses if we just stop eating all these horrific chemical and processed foods..

We make so many advancements in technology, why the F are we going so backward in how we treat and what we put in our bodies?? not to mention what we do to the planet.

4th-Dec-2008 10:05 am (UTC)
I wholeheartedly agree with all that you've said here. Take my story for instance.
I went to a doctor about the anxiety I was having, and he prescribed me some sort of blood pressure medication. Don't even ask me why...wow, he's a retard. So I took the stuff, and two weeks later my hands and feet were going numb in the middle of the day. So I went to another doctor, and he told me to just stop taking the stuff. I was like, "Hey doc, are you sure? The print out I got with the pills says you have to ween yourself off it."
The doctor insisted, saying that he'd been working with this kind of thing for years and years. He knew what he was talking about, he said. Well...At that time I just listened to the doctor, so I stopped taking it, and that night my head exploded. I ended up taking the pills out of the garbage and cutting them into half and quarter doses so that I could work myself off of it. Ever since that night I have had a high pitched ringing in my ears- the diagnosis: chemical induced Tinnitis. Thanks doctors. What great help you've been.
I was made to believe that the symptoms I've experienced were anxiety. "It's all in your head," they assured me. Two years later I'm finding out that I might have a brain tumor, MS, or something else altogether that we're yet to diagnose. I have to wait three months to see a specialist, and my symptoms are getting worse. I went to these doctors for months to tell them that I think it's more than anxiety, and all I ever got was an, "I don't know," but they never bothered to send me to someone who did know or figure it out somehow. They just sent me home.
I'm ranting. I'm sorry, but it really stresses me out. I could fukin die tomorrow, and I would have to blame the blatant disregard and impatience of the medical community towards a young person on Premium Assistance.
And I still don't know what's wrong with me.
If you're interested, please read the reply I gave at the top of this page. It's got some information in it that you'd likely be very interested in.
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